Training methods are different and you should always talk to your trainers about their philosophy.  Keystone K9 trainers are staunch advocates of positive reinforcement training techniques.  As opposed to aversive (a.k.a. positive punishment) techniques (e.g.choke, prong, or shock collars, etc.), positive reinforcement training tends to hold stronger, last longer, and leads to a stronger bond between the dog and the handler.  Dogs trained through positive reinforcement are able to maintain their spirit and perform for their handlers not because of fear of consequences but because it makes them happy to make you happy.

Our classes will not only train your dog how to perform fixed behaviors, but will also educate you in positive reinforcement training methods. You will learn how to teach your dog beneficial behaviors and how to prevent the display of annoying behaviors. You will not only learn how to train what is taught in class, but will leave with a valuable toolbox you can use for future training endeavors.
We also offer a two-week board and train program!

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