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Rob Bachrach

 In 1998, Rob Bachrach adopted a beagle/shepherd/lab mix named Keira from the Harrisburg Humane Society.  Keira was listed as being given up because she was “un-trainable”. Although Rob did not know how to train dogs, he was enamored by Keira’s eyes and loving disposition.  Immediately after adoption, he enrolled them both in local training classes.

 They had so much fun working together that they kept enrolling in more classes, sometimes taking 3 different classes in any given week.  They were spending so much time in training, that the instructor offered to train Rob as a training instructor, with Keira as his demo-dog.

 Rob was trained in dog behavior, ethology (how they learn), nutrition, training techniques, and how to run a class and was certified as a training instructor in August 2000.  He then spent the next 15 years helping dog owners train over 700 dogs to be great pets.           Training not only improves a dogs behavior, but makes them safer, lowers the stress levels of both the owner and the dog, and strengthens the bond between the owner and the dog.  Rob’s goal is to make sure that lack of training is never a reason for a dog ending up in a shelter, getting hit by a car, or injuring a person.

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Ali Reed

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