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This is the introductory training for dogs that are starting class when they are older than 5 months of age.  Even if your dog is no longer a young, impressionable puppy, she is not at all too old to learn new things.  Just as a 40 year old person can start college, a 6 month, 2 year, or 10 year old dog can start training.  As with an older person, there may also be the need to, “unlearn” some undesirable habits that have formed over time or that may have come from a prior owner.  Designed for adolescent and adult dogs, our basic education class will help learn new behaviors, address undesirable behaviors, and strengthen the bond(or form a new bond) between you and your dog.  As with the puppy class, we also work with you to teach your dog to pay attention, come when called, sit, lay down, stay in place, give/drop things from their mouth, leave things alone, and walk nicely on a leash.

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